Do you Call in Sick

Do you call in Sick regularly or do you have your team members calling in Sick every now and then.

There are only two cases when people call in sick.
One when they are really sick and the other when they are wishing that they were sick and trying to avoid the work or anything else by feigning sickness.

Have you ever seen a successful person call in Sick.
I have not. It is very rare for successful person to call in Sick.

Successful people are there each day. They show up at work every day.

I rarely call in Sick and even when I am sick, I am normally working from home.
I have not seen my boss call in sick for the last seven years.

So find out the reason why you or your team members call in sick.
The sickness could be a sign of something else like boredom from work, lack of interest, personal issues, not liking the company culture etc.

You need team members that show up all excited and raring to go each morning. This is very essential to any organization’s or startups success. Find those people and nurture them all the way.

If you feel like calling in sick each day without actually being sick, go find the actual reason and get it sorted out before you get really sick.

So who is Sick ?