How Mediocrity enables you to achieve Success ?

We are normally taught by personal development experts and authors that Mediocrity is bad and one should strive to attain excellence in our path of being successful.

But Mediocrity is one of the major reasons that can make you successful.
Let me explain how ?

Suppose ten people are given the task of cleaning the same type of dirty room individually which is a complete mess. All are provided the same set of equipment and miscellaneous stuff.

Out of the these ten, 7 clean the room as per the normal standards of cleaning. Nothing extra and out of which some (3-4) do not even meet the standards.
Number 8 does something extra and takes out the dust from the nooks and crannies.
Number 9 does what number 8 does plus he also washes the dirty curtains and cleans the furniture.
Number 10 does all this plus he makes sure that the room looks picture perfect.

Number 10 is your top most guy since he attained excellence so we ignore him. He is our textbook case of hard work, passion, discipline, commitment and success.
Let’s discuss number 8 and 9 since they did something extra.
Their work looks a lot better since the other 7 only did textbook (meaning mediocre) stuff and some even failed at that. So, they would also be counted as successful since we are comparing them with mediocre people.

We should try to be Number 10 but if you can’t achieve that Number 8 and 9 will also work most of the times since the Majority will do mediocre work and when a comparison will be made, you will come out on TOP.

Comfort and easiness breed mediocrity and if you can surpass that, success will be at your feet.
Always remember, the world is designed to breed mediocrity. Success comes to those who shine despite that and it is always easy to beat the mediocre at their game. Y