How you spend ?

How do You spend money?
Most of us spend it on a reflex. Like buying stuff to eat or buying ice-cream. We buy stuff on a whim or whatever takes our fancy.

We do not think much before we spend so we end up with a lot of stuff that we don’t need like extra clothes that are never used, the annual gym membership that is only used in the first month, the fancy camera or eBook reader that we bought.

We always need to think first before we spend. The expense needs to be justified. If you are not going to the gym regularly, cancel the membership. If you are not reading a magazine, stop the subscription. If you don’t have time for TV, cancel the cable subscription. Before you buy that new fancy gadget , think of the ones that are lying in the house and are not being used.

We need to spend sensibly and consciously.
It is YOUR money after all and you work hard for it so why give it up easily.