KISS your Life

I am big fan of the KISS – “Keep it simple, stupid” design principle.
The KISS principle can be applied to various aspects of your life as well to make it Simple and also to declutter.

Simple living is a choice that you can make and it will surely help in increasing the worth and value of your life.
The KISS or Simple style of living means that you CHOOSE to WANT and HAVE LESS. This also means that though you can afford but you made a conscious decision to live a Simple life which is not impacted by Consumerism and Materialism. You actively work to declutter your existing lifestyle.

Simple living has a number of advantages like:

1.You are not affected by the media marketing blitz and your lifestyle is not materialistic. You are still a consumer meaning you have all the consumer essentials of electronics, vehicles and other stuff but you are not affected by the constant need to upgrade and churn stuff without utilizing them completely . This also reduces the need to purchase stuff to show off. It also saves you the headache of caring for and maintaining expensive stuff. Cheaper stuff can always be replaced. A Rolex and a Maxima watch both do the same job but a Rolex will need much more care and monitoring, You might need to insure your arm as well while wearing a Rolex :) .

2. Less material possessions means less or no debt and more funds for saving, investing and eventually retirement.

3. If your financial liabilities and needs are less, you are always in a position to walk out of a Job that is not rewarding or where you don’t like the boss.

4. Simple living reduces stress. Less choices means more time to spend on other stuff. Decluttering also reduces stress.

5. When you have less stuff / possessions to worry about, you can concentrate on the relationships and stuff that you have. This frees up your time and energy to focus on what is important in life , the essentials and ignore the non-essential, superficial.

So did you KISS your life ?