Retirement Planning simplified

I see people working in the private sector and spending money like there is no tomorrow.
When I mention retirement planning to them, they look at my face and laugh saying it is a long time from now.
We will think about it when we grow a bit older and then they go and order the latest mobile online.

Wake up People. Smell the Coffee !
Retirement Planning should start from the first day of the job and not when you reach 45 or 50.

Normally we get confused by the word of planning thinking of it as some high fancy stuff.

But Retirement planning is really simple and anybody can do it.

Here is what you need:

1. Start to save and invest as early and as much as possible.
2. Understand the power of compounding and don’t interrupt it.
3. Understand the various asset classes like equity, debt, gold, cash, real estate, their returns and asset allocation.
4. Understand the inflation has and will have an impact so chose an asset class that beats it.
5. You got to be in equities if you want your money to grow.

So have you planned for your retirement ? Go Start Now !