Simple life – The Important and the Urgent !

Have been talking about simplicity and a simple life a lot lately.
So what it is about this fascination with simplicity ?

Let me explain.

We lead fast paced materialistic lives nowadays with Stress being a constant by-product of our lifestyle.
One of the most common statements we hear include – “I don’t have time”, “I can’t concentrate”.

Have we ever stepped back and thought why is that so ?
What if we had less things / relationships to choose from ?
What if we could concentrate on the things that matter ?
What if we can improve our energy and concentration levels somehow ?

The modern (fast paced, urgent and materialistic) lifestyle saps out the energy from you and you are left with very less or no energy to focus on the important things and people that matter. You are caught up in the Urgent state.

When you declutter your life and choose Simplicity, it frees up your concentration and energy which can be then focused on other vital aspects of life.

You can focus on the important rather than running from one urgency to another urgency.

So are you doing what is important or what is urgent ? Did you make the choice ?