Simplifying your Life

Having too many choices, material possessions can add up to your Stress. So why not Simplify your life ?
Here is what can be done to start with :

1. How many shirts , trousers , clothes and other stuff like watches, electronic items you need. Keep the ones you use regularly and discard / sell the others.

Let go of the excess stuff by using OLX, Quikr to sell your extra stuff and utilize the money to reduce the debt or for your long term investments. Donate the extra clothes and useful items. Books, magazines and other publications that are still lying unread or have been read can go to.

2. Let go of people , relationships that are holding you down or are a drain on your time. Use the extra time to spend with people who really matter to you.

3. Work on reducing the time spent on various screens – computer, television, smart phone, tablet. These provide stress.

4. Reduce intake of excess food. Eat fresh food and eat at home.

5. Focus and concentrate on one task at a time. Give up multi-tasking.

These steps will be a good start on your path to living a simpler, less stressful life.