The Forgotten “AAP”

With the Delhi elections and in the current Indian media space, we hear a lot of the word “AAP”.
But, this post is not about the political party.

This is about using the word “AAP” while addressing someone in our daily lives.

Normally, in our conversations we tend to use words like “Tu”, “Tum” and tend to forget the politeness and sweetness of using the word “AAP” while addressing someone. I have seen “AAP” being relegated to the back-burners of our vocabulary especially with the current generation which has a more informal way of conversing. There is nothing wrong with being informal but “AAP” sounds more beautiful.

I have also been guilty of ignoring “AAP” but have now resolved to get this sorted out and use more of it in my daily life. Let’s see how things pan out in the coming days. Have made a couple of small starts.

So how often do you use the word “AAP” ?