The Simple Rule of getting One percent better

What makes the difference between being Good at something and being really Great at something.

There is normally a marginal difference between the Good and the Great.
That is the difference of one percent and the accumulation of marginal gains.

This is not my personal theory but something that has been tried and tested by Sir Dave Brailsford at Bristish Cycling. You can read more here:

We only need to take one step at a time and improve ourselves by one percent in each sphere. This marginal one percent can make the difference in being good and being great.

Success begins by taking one step each day and making sure that you remain disciplined to take the same step each day.Success is not something that will strike you one golden day like a lottery but a combination of habits and habits are based on a number of small decisions that we take each day. That one percent improvement may sound very small and insignificant but it will ensure that you get there in the long run.

This system also works in reverse. If you have a combination of small bad habits and you decline / become worse at one percent, eventually you will reach the bottom. That is the system of accumulation of marginal losses at work.

You can apply the same theory when you do SIP. A SIP may sound small but accumulation and regular investing can make you a multi-millionaire.

Always think of the small marginal gains and their impact on the long run (big gain).