You can invest in Small amounts as well !

When I talk to people one of the most repeated statements I hear is that I have no extra surplus so how can I invest . I will start saving and investing when I get my next appraisal or after a few years when I get married.

This is one of the most STUPID statements that I hear. These are excuses only in my opinion.

You can save invest in a mutual fund SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) even with a monthly amount if INR 500 per month. It might seem a very insignificant amount (less than the cost of a movie outing with friends) but regular investing, compounding and a long time frame can make a huge difference in your retirement corpus.

So go out and do a SIP which can be of a small mount and you can increase it as you go along. Many mutual funds offer this option. Ideally it should start on the day when you get your first job or earn your first rupee.